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Bentley Red Label

The revised version of the car was launched as the Arnage Red Label in October 1999. At the same time, but without the fanfare, Bentley made several minor modifications to the original BMW engine cars, and designated them as the "Arnage Red Label" for the 2000 model year. As part of the modification process, the Red Label cars received stiffer body shells and larger wheels and brakes.

The stiffer body shell was needed because of the extra weight of the British engine. The larger brakes were needed for the same reason. The rest of the revisions included:

  1. Making a pop up Alpine navigation system standard.
  2. Adding park distance control to the front and rear.
  3. Increasing the rear seat leg room (by modifying the design of the front seat backs).
  4. Adding power folding exterior mirrors.
  5. Modifying the steering rack to reduce steering effort at low speeds.
  6. The lens covers for the headlights went from being glass (1998–99) to plastic (2000 onwards).