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Introduced in 1995 to worldwide acclaim, the MGF car heralded the return of MG to volume two-seat sports car production that the marque vacated with the close of Abingdon in October 1980. It was created using novel design and a very considerable degree of ingenuity. What the car has achieved and its longevity is a testimony to the success of the work of those engineers.

Initially available In September 1995 as just a single model with a 120ps 1796cc K series engine, the first use of a K series of this capacity, and then followed in early 1996 by the VVC (Variable Valve Control) version of the same engine that delivers 25ps more at higher rpm.

Both models were only available with sports ratio 5 speed manual gearboxes, with a lower final drive ratio for the VVC version to match that engines higher rpm potential.