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Lambretta LI 125

The history of the lambretta scooter is a journey of twists and turns filled with legal wrangles and factory closures. The fact the lambretta name is still alive can be placed at the door of fans of the original italian innocenti lambretta.

Lambretta was the brainchild of italian entrepreneur fredinando innocenti, who saw most of his steel pipe-making business destroyed during wwii. Taking cues from an american wartime scooter, innocenti and d’ascanio set to work and while purchases of lambretta scooters were swift and plenty in the early years, affordable cars soon caused a tail-off in lambretta sales.


Between the first model (a) appearing in 1947 and the last innocenti lambretta scooter (gp200) in 1971, there was on average two-three new, or revised models per year.

All original innocenti lambretta models are enjoying a rise in their residual values and are much sought after by collectors. But it does take an expert of lambretta scooters to recognise exactly the difference between a standard original model or one made up from parts.